The largest city in Ialdi, and also the only port. All of the nations goods are shipped out here, and as such it is a massive town, with a population of nearly 25,000. The majority of the nations population can be found here.

There are several districts dividing the town, constantly shifting areas of power and money. Each district is divided into smaller districts in a complex political web that most locals don’t even understand. The main districts are: The Port, The Golden Banner, Military District, Coins District and The Fringes. The Port and Military Districts are self-explanatory, the Golden Banner is the district of the current head of the city-state Cyprian Idriza, Coins District is a fast-growing merchant guild that has begun to encroach upon the normal merchant-area of at The Port. The Fringes is the polite term for the poor district, otherwise known as Refugee-Road as well as a slew of less polite terms, many of which are slightly racist. Many other political and social boundaries exist, but I don’t feel like coming up with them right now so I’ll probably make some up off the top of my head as we play. Huzzah.

Important Locales

The Port -
The Golden Banner-
Military District-
Coins District-
The Fringes –
The Dragon Scale


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